Accuracy and precision.
Gentle pediatric and adolescent care.
Complete musculoskeletal care.
Massage therapy by Eve.
Keeping kids well adjusted.
Specializing in sports performance.
Specializing in sports performance.
Sports chiropractic.

Welcome to Victor Chiropractic

We don't just treat the spine, we treat pain in all joints of the body, side effects of other medicines, and conditions like Asthma and Migraines. We maximize sports performance and provide exercise prescription and nutrition counseling. Please note that we are unable to accept Worker's Compensation and No-Fault cases.


Expertise and Experience

Dr. Zumpano is an international expert in anatomy, biomechanics and chiropractic. He is on the faculty of New York Chiropractic College and has taught at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. If he cannot help your pain, he will be able to refer to a specialist who can. He has instructed most of the chiropractors in the area.

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